Natural systems

Enhancement of the Vallette area

April 2006
Cerea (VR)
Budget 175.200,00 euro

Environmental and functional requalification of a municipal area of ​​about 25 hectares in a highly urbanized area.

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Aso river in Ponte Maglio

December 2008
Location Ponte Maglio (S. Vittoria in Matenano)
Budget 56.400,00 euro

Activities for the characterization of the Aso river and the analysis of methodologies and lines of action for redevelopment and sustainable recovery

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Aso River

December 2007
Montelparo and Montalto delle Marche (AP)
Budget 48.000,00 euro

Redevelopment of a short stretch of the Aso river that contains various features that make it multifunctional and sustainable.

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Tartaro river cycle path

June 2007
Povegliano Veronese, Vigasio, Isola della Scala, Erbè, Nogara and Gazzo Veronese
Budget 48.000,00 euro

Inter-municipal cycle path project along the entire Tartaro River route which, starting from the resurgences, crosses the Vialone Nano Veronese rice lands. A project that represents a fundamental piece of regional significance for the
enhancement and promotion of the area south of Verona.

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Plain of the Mera

January 2007
Province of Sondrio
Budget 40.000,00 euro

Redevelopment project of the floodplain areas of the Mera river plain aims at recovering the relationship between the watercourse, the surrounding wooded areas, the agricultural context and the city, eliminating the critical factors caused by the establishment of anthropogenic activities within of the perifluvial strips along the Mera.

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