Research and development

T.E.R.R.A. S.r.l. works constantly on Research and Development activity in order to support the environmental consultancy activity. R&D activity aims to develop cutting-edge tools to acquire an analytical understanding of environmental phenomena at large scale. To do this we develop dedicated algorithms based on:

Satellite Data. We analyse optical satellite data (both multispectral and hyperspectral) and radar ones. We can manage and acquire all satellite product available on market to guarantee the best possible performance of the analysis.

Artificial Intelligence. We apply the most advanced model of Machine and Deep Learning to maximize the understanding of studied phenomena.

Control Data. We base our analysis on control data from different sources, like for example survey data or ARPA ones.

Our main areas of research are:

  • Coastal erosion. Estimation of high precision satellite deriver bathymetry
  • Athmospheric Pollution. Study of atmospheric pollutant concentrations
  • Soil use. To acquire a temporal analysis of particular phenomana (such for example evolution of fluvial continuity).
  • Forest Management. In order to classify forest species from satellite and to estimate forest carbon stock.

Our vision is to acquire precise information at large scale, in order to comprehend land environmental phenomena, especially considering effects of climate changes.

Remote Sensing

Sensing the Remote

Machine Learning

Learning the Machine

Some results:

Terra Srl funds a PhD in Industrial Research at the University of Padova, LERH School
Supervisor Prof. Francesco Pirotti.

Terra is registered to italian national register of researches. CAR code 53459PKG.