Technological devices

LEICA Total Station
TCR 705xRange

Tool used to carry out measurements, tracing, cartographic and cadastral surveys of very high precision. It is also able to manage numerical models of the terrain.

HD sound level meter 2010_200_200

The HD 2010 is a portable integrating sound level meter capable of performing spectral and statistical analyzes. The measurement dynamics of 80 dB, which can be extended to 110 dB with the option, and the ability to analyze the sound level simultaneously with different time and frequency weightings, make it possible to speed up and simplify the sound level measurements. With the HD 2010 sound level meter it is possible to analyze a sound sample by programming 3 simultaneous measurement parameters with complete freedom of choice of time or frequency weightings.
  • Noise in the workplace
  • Evaluation of acoustic pollution and environmental noise in general
  • Identification of impulsive noises
  • Evaluation of noise emissions from equipment and systems
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of soundproofing
  • Architectural acoustics
  • Acoustic monitoring also with remote control via PC

GPS Trimble GeoXT_200_200

A portable CE GPS is a Windows CE handheld with an integrated Trimble GeoXT GPS receiver. An exclusive and happy combination of two cutting-edge technologies, it is a lightweight, portable and incredibly powerful solution. Submeric precision instrument for position data acquisition for GIS.


CAD & PILLAR is a technical software dedicated to the topographic survey, to the planning and management of interventions on the territory. It integrates the AUTOCAD graphic engine by saving in native DWG format 2004-2006, thus avoiding at the root any problem of sharing projects, drawings and surveys. Due to its versatility and processing power it is the indispensable tool in the technical office and on the construction site. The use of the graphic interface of AutoCAD makes it easy and immediate to use the technical functions for the realization of the documents relating to: Land Cadastre practices, celerimetric and precision topographic survey, road design, interventions on the territory (quarries, landfills) , river arrangements, georeferencing of maps, relief of building facades from photographic images, as well as numerous other activities related to the management of the construction site.

ArcGis Desktop_200_200

ARCGIS is a collection of software products for creating a geographic information system (GIS) that offers a standards-based platform for spatial analysis, data management and mapping. ArcGis Desktop is an integrated system, which includes all the tools necessary to make the most of a GIS, used for problem solving, for efficiency improvement, for decision making and for communicating, visualizing, evaluating, planning and solving conflicts and problems related to geographic data.